Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wilde Life Pollution

Green Mauritius is a dominating subject nowadays. The government is introducing laws and amendments to existing enactments each year to combat pollution of whatever the nature. However, still there are people who do not care about it. These individuals are causing much damage to the ecological balance of the earth which will end in critical environmental changes if steps are not taken immediately.

Pollution can be defined as the alteration of the environment to a certain degree which is harmful to living beings.

Pollution is one of the primary ways in which man has caused drastic modifications to wildlife habitat. The environment is being treated as an infinite receptacle of wastes, even the sea can no longer hold these pollutants and it sends whatever belongs to the dispatcher.

There are many kinds of pollutants that range from plastic based products to petroleum products and toxic wastes. Wildlife population has suffered great losses due to the careless intentions of mankind. Some forms of pollution exert a destructive influence on wildlife by killing or impairing the health of individuals.

Due to the ignorant attitudes of some individuals results are apparent. In places nothing grows, there is soil erosion, no life evolves, and finally the continuous destruction of the ozone layer causing the green house effect and other meteorological catastrophes.

It is high time that such individuals be penalized heavily for their misfits. They should be educated by severe means apt to this category of misdemeanour.

Will Green Mauritius be a reality? Lets wait and see but one thing is for sure, it is paving its way towards the set goal.